Bravely bottled in Christchurch!

& served in cafes & bars that are OK!

Enjoy shaken & chilled! or blended with ice-cream as an OK! Smoothie!

OK! Nectar Mango

1 Nectar Mango

The national fruit of The Philippines and India, mango is regarded as the 'King of Fruits. Another fact, it just tastes good! OK!

OK! Nectar Berry

2 Nectar Berry

A party mix of Boysenberry, Blackberry and Raspberry . Get it in your mouth, everyones invited! OK!

OK! Nectar Banana

3 Nectar Banana

Banana plants can 'walk' up to 15 cm a year. Catching these wild fruits and bottling them is no easy task. But worth it! OK!

OK! Nectar Spirulina

4 Nectar Spirulina

NASA wants to use spirulina as a primary foodstuff for manned missions to Mars. We've bottled it for enjoyment right here on earth. OK!

OK! Nectar Guava

5 Nectar Guava

Guavas are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins A and contains about four times the amount of vitamin C as an orange. Take that OJ! OK!

OK! Nectar Feijoa

6 Nectar Feijoa

The feijoa plant requires 50 hours of winter chilling to fruit. Right at home in the drinks chiller, it's best friends with ice cream. OK!

OK! Coming Soon OK!

7 Coming Soon OK!

We've sourced fruit from our remote farming families in the Pacific Islands to blend another delicious addition to our range. OK!

OK! Coming Soon OK!

8 Coming Soon OK!

While you await our next greatest taste creation sample the entire range and tell us what you think. Tell your friends too. OK!