Bravely bottled in Christchurch!

& served in cafes & bars that are OK!

Enjoy shaken & chilled! or blended with ice-cream as an OK! Smoothie!

About us

The OK! Bottling company produces a range of drinks that are life-changingly delicious. Bravely bottled in Christchurch, the OK! Nectars have been designed specifically for the best cafes and bars in New Zealand. The OK! Nectars provide an intense, full bodied experience that is unrivaled.

We are growing many of the ingredients for the OK! Nectars at our organic coffee farms in Samoa. The bananas, guavas & mangos provide shade to the young coffee seedlings and in time will provide diversity to the income each farmer receives. This is a local, organic and ethical project that helps make our drinks OK! We will be adding seasonal flavors each summer from crops sourced from farmers in these remote island villages, so stay tuned for some Limited Edition OK!